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What to Expect

Hello readers,

I will not be posting a short story this week. I’m sorry about that. Instead, I’ll update you on what you can expect of me. I’ll be undergoing a period of instability. I can’t promise a short story each week. I will write and post as much as possible, but I will not be able to keep regularity until things calm down and I have a better feel for my situation. I’ll post whatever I can whenever I can (Friday adjacent).

I will not post a short story if it does not meet my current standards. I will not post anything half baked and writing takes time. Since I may or may not have a bunch of time, something in my life must flex. My books trump my blog and the real world trumps everything, so I must sacrifice the occasional short story. Thank you for your understanding.

I hope to have a great short story for you next week. If you are dying for something to read, feel free to check out an older post. I’m proud of each story I’ve shared. If you’ve read them all, I must thank you for being such a dedicated reader. You could also pick up Well of Bones. There is no time better to start The Forgotten Ways trilogy than now, with part 2 right around the corner. As always, Well of Bones is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. Against the Rocks will be joining it shortly.

Thanks for reading,


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