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About The Author

The Roots

Chase Walker was born in California and raised in Southern Nevada.  He spent his childhood telling stories - stories that more often than not got him into trouble for stretching the truth.  As a child, he idolized heroes like Indiana Jones and Luke Skywalker, who had a knack for getting out of the trouble they inevitably found themselves in.  As he grew older, his tastes expanded beyond Steven Spielberg and George Lucas films. He joined the Army and found that its hurry-up-and-wait lifestyle was perfect for whipping out a paperback and reading a little Joe Abercrombie or Michael Crichton during the short bouts of downtime.  He fell deeply in love with reading and discovered a whole new way to tell his stories.  Writing became a hobby quickly, and then a passion.


            Today, Chase is living a self-sufficient life in rural Kansas with his wife and a small menagerie of animals.  Together they raise crops, chickens, and sometimes a little cain.  He divides his time between the family homestead and his full-time job as an army mechanic.  You would be hard-pressed ever to find him not working with his hands.  He can most often be spotted turning wrenches under the hood of an old 1977 International Harvester Scout II or pounding away at a keyboard with skinned knuckles and dirty fingernails.  


            Chase's stories are inspired by a lifetime of adventure, by his ten plus years of service in the Army, and by the eccentric personalities who color his own world.  He tries to inject a healthy dose of reality into his stories, even as he lets his imagination run wild creating fantasy worlds.  He goes about with notebook in hand, collecting from his daily life the ideas that will spark his next story.  A passionate story-teller above all else, he is always striving to improve his craft on paper. 



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