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Paperbacks Available!

Those of you who pre-ordered the Kindle version of Against the Rocks should be able to download it to your device now if it hasn't already automatically downloaded. For those of you waiting for the paperback, today is the day. Click here to order yours now.

Thank you for your patience. Getting Against the Rocks out to all of you has presented new challenges this time around. I hope you all enjoy this new part of The Forgotten Ways trilogy.

To keep you all updated, I'm still working diligently on the third book. I'm calling it Bastion of Shade. The plan is to have it available on Amazon in autumn of 2021. If things calm down on my end, it could be sooner, but I will not sacrifice quality for expediency.

Thanks for reading. Remember to pick up your copy of Against the Rocks today. Click here.

Until next time,


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