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Against the Rocks Cover Reveal

The world has advanced beyond the need for sorcery. Man has hunted down and exterminated the supernatural out of fear and misunderstanding. They have forgotten the ways we use to be.

In Well of Bones, you have seen what chaos could come of monsters returning to an unprepared world. The next installment in The Forgotten Ways Trilogy will show what lengths Jake must go to oppose such evil.

Great Brenar won the war, but at what cost? The New World Colonies are changing for the worst. Walking nightmares roam the New World, consuming those in their path. Once again the Knights of Apollo fulfill their ancient calling to hunt down and destroy evil creatures, but this time, they use their own experience.

When Count Varro discovers corruption in the Holy Order of Apollo, he and his knights must bend or break. Adrift in turbulent circumstances, Jake must endure his own demons. Haunted by visions of those he lost, Jake’s soul is on the brink of deterioration. War can drive even the strongest minds to madness, and Jake has seen so much more than war.

Conditions on Delwhick are declining. The people of the Island colony have traded one occupying force for another. Anna struggles to keep her home afloat on these raging seas, but Admiral Kro is deadset on dashing it Against the Rocks.

Against the Rocks will be available this November on in Kindle and paperback formats. Kindle Unlimited will also be available, just as Well of Bones is now. Be sure to pick up this epic dark fantasy and jump back into the fray with Jake Zimmar. Follow Count Varro and his Knights of Apollo through further misadventure. Experience the turbulence on Delwhick through Anna Crane’s eyes. Sail across the ocean aboard the legendary frigate, The S.S. Marion under full sail.

Sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on The Forgotten Ways news, giveaways, and pre-order information. Well of Bones is always available on in Kindle and Paperback but now the cover will include The Forgotten Ways logo.

Thanks to all my readers for enjoying my writing. I know it seems like a small thing, but it means more to me than you could imagine. Thanks to my editor, Fiona for helping me polish my books for distribution. Thanks to my alpha and beta readers for keeping me from making a fool of myself in front of Fiona. Thanks to any and all who lend a helping hand. Without you, a career as a full-time author would be an intangible dream. Each share, comment, and review helps to tip the scales of success in my favor. Thanks to my family who are friends and my friends who are family for building me up or tearing me down as necessary. Thanks to Mom and Dad for reading all my stuff and enjoying it despite how scary or violent it might be. Thanks to my brother, Kamon for crafting these beautiful covers and logos. Thanks to my wife for being the foundation of our little family when my mind is elsewhere. A decade flies by with you.

And thank you, the person reading this, for slogging through the mushy stuff. Have a wonderful weekend.



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